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Time Flies–ROW 80 Check-in

ROW week one has come and gone quickly. I’m sitting here on this rainy Sunday afternoon looking back over the last week. I can honestly say that I am pleased with my results. I guess time flies when you’re actually getting things done.

Writing-I’ve hit and surpassed my writing mark every day. I have two short pieces that I’m working on. It has been cool having them to alternate between. It keeps me from getting stuck. If I’m not feeling one on a particular day, I work on the other one. I’m confident that I’ll have a finished story by the end of the round.

Novel Analyzing- Progress here has been slow and steady. The further I get into the novel, the fewer the scenes. I like that aspect. Planning to pick up the pace a little bit.

Reading Story Engineering- I started rereading from the beginning and found myself bored (simply because I’ve read that part twice already). So, I decided to skip ahead to new territory. Smart move. The section on story structure is proving very helpful. I’m glad I invested in my own copy of the book.

Blog post- Didn’t get that in this past week. I had to make some decisions about what I’d blog about and when. I could have just made a random post to hit the goal, but the purpose of the goal is to add a regular day of posting about a specific topic. So, I decided to wait until I had it figured out. I should get that started this week most likely, next week at the latest.

What’s happening with you guys? Hope you’re hitting your marks. Until Wednesday my friends!