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Okay, so this week I devoured the first two books in Mary Janice Davidson’s Betsy Taylor series. I’m officially a fan!

Undead and Unwed was absolutely hilarious. I admit that I hated the main character at first. Betsy Taylor is vain, self-absorbed, and more than a little ditzy. The girl makes you question her intelligence at nearly every turn. She is easy to hate, but give  her more than a cursory glance and you’ll find some redeeming qualities. Betsy is also compassionate, observant, and smart-mouthed. She speaks her mind. You’ve got to love a woman who knows who she is and is unapologetic about it. Betsy Taylor is no shrinking violet for sure.

Of course, Mary Janice Davidson puts our little Betsy through the wringer (as every author should manhandle their protagonists). Betsy loses her job, dies in a car accident, and wakes up super thirsty. She can’t keep down any of her favorite foods. Some of her family friends are happy to see her and others…well not so much. To make matters worse, she may in fact be the long foretold vampire queen,  a possibility  that comes with its own mixed bag of goodies. All in all, a quick and entertaining read.

Book two, Undead and Unemployed, was a strong follow-up. I won’t get into the details here. I’ll just say that Betsy continues to make me shake my head and laugh out loud. She’s still totally annoying, but thoroughly interesting. Nothing but respect for MJD. There is a special place in author heaven for writers who make the unlikable characters relatable, and therefore readable. Not such an easy task.