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The Merry Gentry Series

So, my bestie and I were roaming around our local library looking for new reads. I’d found a couple of things in the stacks that looked fairly promising. As I walked over to the lounge section to sit with my gal pal, I noticed a book called Divine Misdemeanors. I read the synopsis, then passed the book  to my friend. We like fairies. We like detectives. Sounds like a go. There were two copies, and we each checked out one. We are our own little book club after all.

Got the book home and read chapter one. Looked up the series, realized I had book eight of eight,  and promptly put it down. Put book one on hold, and boy was I glad I did.  A Kiss of Shadows was quite the cracky experience, highly addictive.

If you’re put off by sex or violence, then this is not the series for you. There is more than a fair share of both. I didn’t even realize that it was categorized as erotica until I had already lovingly dubbed the series “fairy porn.”  Of course there is much more to it than that, but you’ve just got to love a girl with a harem. Sigh.

Laurell K. Hamilton does a good job of totally immersing the reader into a new culture. It’s fast paced and thoroughly detailed at the same time. It’s lovely and imaginative. You add politics, prejudice, and novelty to the sex and violence , and well, it’s just hard to put down. I’ve read the first three books in a about a week and a half. Picked up book four, A Stroke of Midnight, today. I’m sure I’ll be done before the weekend is out.