About Yolanda Early

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Let’s see.

I’m a story junkie, addicted to all its forms. You name it, I’ve probably got a passion for it or at the very least some bit of admiration. Books are my main dependency by far, but movies and music are in a never ending battle for second. And if there is a good movie or tv show based on books that I love, well that’s just heaven. (Hello fellow Truebies!)

I discovered that I have the writing gene at an early age. It started with poems and lyrics and eventually moved to other forms. Now, I’m dead set on becoming a novelist. I dropped out of a pretty snazzy MFA program in early 2009 because it just didn’t feel like the right path for me. I sometimes question that decision, but I know school is always there to go back to if I really find it necessary somewhere down the line. Since then, I’ve been on a mission to educate myself. Whether I’m reading a novel or a book on craft, my head is constantly in a book. So, feel free to leave suggestions if you know of any good reads.

My heart is in fantasy (duh) and paranormal romance. So, those are the genres I choose to write. I dig magic. Witches, Faeries, and Vamps, oh my! I am always amazed by the worlds that the best authors create. Some of my favorites are Marion Zimmer Bradley, Brandon Sanderson, Charlaine Harris, and J.K. Rowling. But of course, that’s just a snippet of an impossibly long list.

And now, a collection of random tidbits…

My favorite color is majestic purple, but I’m also fond of black and green in a variety of shades. I paint my toe nails, but not my finger nails. I studied abroad in Costa Rica, and would love to go back. At 6’3, I’m taller than most people. I love to laugh and to make others laugh. (That’s code for I’m silly.) And if Eric Northman was real, I’d be a proud blood donor.

  1. Love your blog! I’m signing up for your site updates!


  2. I love your blog and your great attitude!

    I’ll be right behind you on the donor line! 😉

  3. Thanks Viansa! Any friend of Eric’s is a friend of mine. 😉

  4. Letting you know I awarded you the versatile blogger award.

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