Slow Going

It’s been a little while since I’ve checked in. That’s due to a couple of reasons. One is that my mind is mostly focused on two things right now: working and moving. I’ve officially graduated from the training program on the new job. So, all that time spent doing book work and taking assessments is over. No more eight hour study days. However, that also means that I’ve entered the transition phase. Now, I have to apply what I’ve learned. That’s the new challenge. And being the recovering perfectionist that I am, I expect a lot out of myself. Despite my  amped up expectations, I’m doing pretty well. I have ninety days in transition. That’s enough time to get  a handle on things.

As for moving, it’s getting down to the wire. We’ve given official notice to our complex that we’re moving, but I haven’t started packing yet. The roomie and I have bought a few packing supplies, but that’s about it. We need boxes.We were supposed to get some free ones from the grocery store, but that hasn’t worked out so far. I get the feeling that we’re going to end up buying some.

As to Row goals, there’s not much to be said. That would be the other reason for not checking in. I’ve been a bit exhausted lately. While I see little spaces of time when I can get some writing in, my mind just hasn’t been in it. I’m starting to really miss my writing too. I’ve still been reading. I just finished a book today called Prince of Ice by Emma Holly. She’s an author that is new to me and I enjoyed her work.  Last week, I finished up that last George R. R. Martin book that I was reading. I’m glad that I’m at least getting read, but good books make me long to write them.

Hoping all is well with you guys! Happy Rowing!


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  1. I can relate being so busy and trying to fit in the writing in those spare times and yet I don’t feel like writing, I’m so tired. The advice I get often when it comes to becoming a good writer? Read, read, read. You’ve mastered that tip, for sure. :-))

    Good luck with your job and move!

  2. Good luck with the moving! I’m sure you will be back in the swing of things once you are settled 😀

  3. Hang in there! Moving is a big deal and disrupts everything. When that’s over, I’m sure it will take a huge weight off your shoulders – possibly literally!

    I don’t know if you’ve moved yet, but here is what my hubby and I did when we moved into our current house to get boxes. You have to first found out when the grocery store does its stocking, usually around 11 at night in my neck of the woods, but not every night I don’t think. We asked when they did stocking to see if we could come back and get boxes, and they told us. Then we came back around that time and as the stock guys were unpacking boxes, we asked them if we could have the box they were unloading.

    Usually they have to cut and flatten the boxes, but they were happy to not do that when they realized we needed whole ones anyway. It actually ended up being really fun! My hubby and I each had a cart, and we would do laps around the store, with the stock guys throwing us a box each time they finished one. It was like we were shopping–for free cardboard! It was SO so so awesome. 😉

    We had way more than we needed in the end, although we definitely needed duck tape to cover the bottom of some of the boxes. Orange juice shipping boxes don’t have solid bottoms, it turns out!

    Anyway, I know not every grocery store is easy to work with about boxes, but I hope this story helps you find some! I know we really didn’t want to spend money on boxes we were just going to take things out of again. 😉 Good luck!

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