Good news. I actually got some things done this week. I am so excited. This week has been much more progressive than the previous ones.  I got a workout in every day before work. I was able to meditate every day too. Those two accomplishments had me jazzed because they keep my stress levels down. It is easier for me to write when I’m clear-headed. I was able to hit my goal of two writing days during the work week. I think I have a story coming together.

I’m finally learning the ins and outs of my new phone. I am looking for apps that will allow me to write on my smartphone and easily sync up documents with my computer. Any apps that help with inspiration or productivity would be awesome too. I’ve been doing some research, but I’d like to get any opinions that you guys may have. I have an android phone by the way.

As for reading, I’ve started the third installment of George R. R. Martin‘s A Song of Ice and FireA Storm of Swords has gotten off to a brilliant start just as the others have. I am totally stoked and engrossed. It’s awesome watching the show and reading what happens next at the same time.

I feel like I’ve got my momentum back. My schedule will change again in the next two weeks, but I’m not worried. I starting to get the hang of managing it all. I hope that all is well with you guys. Please hit me up with any suggestions for apps. Best of  luck to you all.


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  1. Have just got a new smartphone myself and I’m looking for something similar. If you find something appropriate before me, do let me know!

  2. I’ll ask my husband what those apps were he’d been using on his iPhone lat fall. One allowed you to use your finger (or a special stylus) to handwrite notes into the phone, and the other was a mini-version of Dragon’s Naturally Speaking which you had to train to recognize your voice, but after you’d trained it, would effectively take dictation for you. Both applications depend on your phone’s memory and space, so you’ll need to keep the picture taking down a little, or move your writings out to a PC semi-regularly (just trying to train his phone used up space for a while). But it worked great once the learning curve passed… He just stopped using them because he had a problem with the actual phone itself and had to reinstall everything, but never reinstalled those. He’s not big on writing himself.

    The rest of your successes sound great. Go, go, Yolanda! YAY!

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