Monthly Archives: April 2012

Let’s try this again

Okay, so my plans went totally wayward. ┬áIn my first week back, I didn’t get anything done. I didn’t even check-in to admit to my inability to follow through with my goals at the time. Epic fail. Yes, I know. I guess some part of me wanted be ready to come back more than I actually was ready. I can see that now. When I get away from things for too long I lose momentum. I was afraid that my writing life would revert back to nothingness.

In the second week, I got some reading in. That’s a start. There has been no writing as of yet. I should probably think smaller in that area for now. It was suggested that I try five sentences a day. I like the sound of that. That’s something I could do on a break or the ride home without too much fuss. And perhaps that daily activity will give me the jump start that I need.

That’s all for now. Still trying to get the ball rolling again or rather the pen moving. Hoping for better progress this week. Catch ya next Sunday.



Ready to ROW Again

Hi all! How I’ve missed you so!

The last couple of weeks have been hectic as I adjusted to my new schedule. Things are going well at the job. Training is hardcore, like taking summer classes in college. It is fast paced and intense. Being the nerd that I am, I am really enjoying the learning process.

I committed myself to participating in this round. By the end of my first day at work, I was questioning that decision again only to arrive at the same conclusion. I need to be here. So, I gave myself the first two weeks of this round off just to work things out. I am learning the art of efficiency. And I’m ready to get back into ROW life. This is my day one of round two.


Check-ins: I am only committing to Sundays for this round. I’m sure I’ll pop up on a few Wednesdays, but they have to be optional for now.

Reading: Things have really slowed down in this department. I can’t expect myself to read as much as I did before. So, I am aiming to read two craft books and all the fiction I can get my hands on.

Writing: This is tricky. My inclination is to go back to the every day goal. After having success with that last round. Anything less feels like a copout to me. When I’m honest with myself, I know that’s asking for too much right now. My days are filled with study. My mind needs downtime. With that said, I’ll commit to four days a week. That’ll give me the weekend and two and days during the work week.

Commenting: No specific goal here as far as numbers. I’m aim to make the rounds on both days. I’ve got a smart phone coming my way. I hope it will make that easier.

I hope all is well with you guys. I am so glad to be back. TTYL