Guess Who’s Back!

Excited to be mostly back to normal. All that’s left of my illness is a slight cough that gets slighter as the days go on. I’m sure I’ll be completely fine by the end of  the week. That makes me so happy. I’ve been watching doctors try to figure out what’s wrong with my bestie  for about a month and a half. They still don’t know and she’s miserable. Being sick for several days sucks, but being sick for extended periods of time wreaks havoc on the body and the mind.

I’ve been pretty productive since Sunday.


I started and finished Faith Hunter‘s Bloodring. It is a book that I picked up while browsing the stacks at my library. It is a post apocalyptic fantasy that caught my eye. This is my first look at a book with that kind of setting. The cover has a seraph on it and there is a religious component to the story that I was willing to explore with the author. I liked it and wanted to read another. Totally disappointed that the library only has the first book of the series.

I’ve gotten back to my grammar book. I am surprised by how much of it is sticking. June Casagrande has a way of explaining things that works for me. She gives you the technical stuff  and a what-that-means-to-you breakdown in a manner that is succinct and entertaining.


No change on that front. I’m still hitting my marks. Yesterday, I stayed off the internet and my computer for the whole day. So, I actually wrote by hand which was weird in a good way. I’ll probably do some more of that this week.

Novel Analyzing:

I’ve chosen my next book, but that’s as far as I’ve gotten. Hoping to have more to report here Sunday.

Happy ROWing guys! Catch ya next check-in.



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  1. Best of luck to your friend. I know how hard that long stasis of uncertainty and misery can be, so my thoughts are definitely with her and I hope things go on the upswing very soon. And it’s also good to see you being productive and getting a lot done. So great job; keep it up! I have to admit, I much prefer writing by hand rather than on the computer. I feel much more connected to the writing that way.

  2. Sounds like you’re hanging in there, Yolanda. 🙂 Keep at it… Hope you have a 100% clean bill of health by Friday! 😀

  3. Ugh. I hope you continue to feel better and for goodness sake, I hope your bf starts feeling good.

    I actually adore writing long hand, especially if I’m stuck on something — it’s like a different perspective. And, it’s like it doesn’t count, so it’s okay if it sucks. Right?

  4. So sorry to hear that your best friend is still suffering with pain and that you’ve been sick. Oh boy…. Something horrid has been running around. 😦

    Writing long hand has been one my favorite ways to speak to my happy muse.

  5. I like writing by hand, but I just can’t keep up with the thoughts spilling out my brain as easily as I can when I’m typing (plus, I still have to type it in when I’m done). But I need to follow your example and disconnect. Maybe I could even pick a day a week where I never go online. Hmmm….

    • I’m with you, Tia. I can type much faster than I can write. I love hearing the clicking of the keys as I work. Writing long hand is good sometimes, but I prefer using my computer for sure.

      The disconnection was about staying off the internet. Turning on the computer would have been too tempting. 😀

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