Peace and Progress–ROW 80 Check-in

It has been pretty peaceful over the last few days. My best friend is feeling a lot better. My nephew is back home. I’m still wrapping up things with a former roommate situation that went bad, but that hasn’t even been able to get me down. Yes, I’m not happy that things didn’t work out. His behavior has been less than gracious, but it forces me to set boundaries and stand my ground. And that is a good thing.

My writing has been going well. The streak continues. I find myself working on one project more than the other of late. I can’t even remember the last time I worked on the first story I started. The protagonist in the second story has been holding all my interest. I am pantsing it, and I’m enjoying figuring out who he is and what he’s doing. I think writing in smaller blocks helps to ease any anxiety that comes from not knowing where the story is going. I am not a natural pantser, but experimenting is fun.

Ta-da! Big strides in novel analyzing. I’ve gotten several hours of work done over the last few days. The end is so near. I’m incredibly excited. So much so that I’ve already put in the hold at the library for the next book to analyze. From here on out, I’m not doing anymore books that I am luke warm about. It has been the great learning experience that I thought it would be, but a torturous one. Only books that I LOVE in my analyzing future. Gotta allow the learning to be more fun!

I’ve been getting my reading done as well. I picked up a book of short stories. Still working on the same humungous fantasy book and the craft book as well.

All in all, I’m very happy with my progress. The plan is to keep it going. Happy ROWing guys. Catch ya Wednesday!



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  1. Great progress Yolanda, and glad to hear your friend and nephew are doing well. Hope this week will be a good one for you 🙂

  2. sounds like youv’e done well this week and good for you it should be fun. keep smiling and all best for coming week

  3. Glad the personal stuff is working out and extra glad that the writing is going well too!

  4. Glad everything is working out for the better. I need to do some of that novel analyzing. Have a great week!

  5. Aside from the room mate situation, sounds like everything is fantastic. Have a wonderful week!

  6. Excellent Yolanda. You’re doing well. Out with the old… Hello newness 🙂 X

  7. Sounds like some cheering is in order: Hip Hip Hooray! Especially when even the bad stuff (the roommate situation) is giving you some good things back (a sense of knowing you can set limits and be comfortable with your own needs over the demands of others). =)


  8. Looking great! It was interesting to hear that you’re pantsing a novel in spite of that not being your natural bent. I call myself a recovering panster! I have learned a lot in the last year or so about story structure and plotting. However, I can’t get too obsessed with plotting because my pantsy self still wants some surprises as I write. Hope you’re enjoying that process! Best wishes for a great ROW80 week. You’re kickin’ it!

    • @Shah Thanks!

      @Eden Yes! I have to look for the jewel in every circumstance. Otherwise, somethings would drive me nuts.

      @Julie. Oh, no,not a novel! Just pantsing a short story. Been doing a lot of studying of structure myself. I can’t see myself pantsing a whole novel. Tried that twice doing NaNo and tanked both times. lol

  9. Just my perspective here… Pantsing an entire novel (which I’ve done) is often more work than writing an outline. But it certainly can offer some fun twists. I think Julie and I are in the same boat… Recovering from the euphoric madness. 😀

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