Rambling– ROW 80 Check-in

Yesterday, I took my bestie to the doctor. Her breathing had been really shallow, and the inhaler that she had for occasional use was seeing way too much action. There is nothing like watching someone gasp for breath and not being able to do anything about it.  She has an upper respiratory infection that she’s been fighting for a few weeks now. They decided to change her meds to a more aggressive protocol. She started to feel better immediately.

Then last night, I saw a wayward Facebook status or two and discovered that my nephew had been hospitalized. I saw phrases like “I know you’ll pull through” and “Praying that he’ll make it.” I tried to stay calm until I talked to my family, but it didn’t help that one of the statuses came from my nephew’s younger brother. I contacted my sister immediately and waited with my family via phone. We eventually found out that he was okay, but by then my nerves were shot.

Two very close calls with people I love and hold dear. I had this crying, hyperventilating thing going for a few minutes. It came over me in a rush. It was my reaction to the relief. I was able to be strong in the face of uncertainty, but the confirmation that all would be well soon was too much to handle.

Today, I’m just grateful. I honestly don’t know why I’m writing all of this in my check-in, but when I sat down to write it –this is what came out. So, I’m going with it.

I got a lot of reading done while sitting in the waiting room yesterday. Story Engineering was an excellent distraction. I got my writing in after I got home, and before I got the news about my nephew. Today’s writing is done as well. I don’ t know what else I’ll get in today.

I feel like I’m rambling. So, I’ll end this here. Hug someone you love and tell them so.

Happy ROWing. Until Sunday.


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  1. Glad your loved one are okay!

  2. I would hug my roommate, but she hates hugs, lol. So she’s getting a mental one. So glad everything seems to be okay! I know how awful stuff like that can be, and I bet it all came out for your check-in because, when stuff like this hits, we just need to get it out.

    Take care! I hope the rest of the week is much better.

  3. Goodness. I really hope they’re okay. Hang in there 🙂

  4. I’m keeping your friend and nephew in my prayers. Great advice. Take care.

  5. I am glad your family and friend are doing better… not being able to breath is the worst.

    Glad you were able to get some stuff off your chest. 😉

  6. They are both doing well today. Thanks for the prayers and well wishes guys.

  7. I’m sending hugs YOUR way, Yolanda, because you have had a very emotional day.

    I think you NEEDED to write that, and I’m happy for you that you trusted the impulse.

    Be gentle with you, do things that renew you, and hold those loved ones near. I just made a hug round, here, and tended the fire, and will do so at least once more before I sleep.

    Giving more love is always a good choice! =)

    Peace and healing to all, tonight.

  8. Yolanda, glad to hear that everyone is okay now. Don’t ever feel bad (at least in my opinion) when you need to talk/write about stuff that is wearing on you like this. We need the people to be safe, to be there, just like we want to be safe, to be there for them. We support each other with our lives and hearts.


  9. I’m so glad to hear they are OK, and thank you so much for visiting my blog yesterday to offer your support. I’m looking forward to following along with your ROW journey, as well.

  10. @Shan and Eden You guys are the tag team o’ hugs. Thanks!

    @Heather Thanks so much. I love your blog and look forward to ROWing with you too.

  11. There are some things you just don’t want to hear about via Facebook! 😦 Glad everyone is okay and hope you are too. Take care, hugs and best wishes xx

  12. Oh, Yolanda. I’m just so glad your nephew and best friend are okay now. I so get that holding-it-together in the face of it and then losing it after the fact.

    I’ve had lots of practice there too.
    Good thoughts and many cyber hugs.

  13. @Sharon Yes, the Facebook statuses were a bit much, but in the end I was glad for them. I live hours away from most of my family, it let me be there without being there. Thanks.

    @Amy Thanks Amy.

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