Ta Da–Row 80 Check-in

I did it! I went back to the book. The time off did wonders. I still see the writing in the same light, but it’s been easier to get through. Part of that is the break I took. My eyes are fresh and my energy renewed. I actually kind of like analyzing. It’s a totally different way to look at some of my favorite stories.

The best stories, in my mind, are always the ones that leave me in awe of the author. I’m all glowing and satisfied, and asking myself “How did they do that?” Analyzing those same stories gives me answers. It forces me to tinker and take the work apart piece by piece which is turning out to be more fun than I actually thought possible.

The other thing that is working for me is the thirty minute sessions. I try to get as much done as I can in that time period then I move on to something else. So far, so good.

I’ve gotten plenty of writing in over the last few days too. Happy with my progress. Hope things are going well for you all as well. Catch ya Sunday!


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  1. Such a happy post! Sounds like you are in an excellent place — keep it up!

  2. How great! I’m so glad things are going so well. Good for you!

  3. So good to hear! Glad you’re back to the book. Taking a break can be a great help. And great idea on the 30 min sessions. I need to try that myself.

    Good luck!

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