December Goals–Row 80 Check-in

Tomorrow is December 1st, and I need to get my goals for the month together. I’m going back to my study of plot and structure. I am putting novel analyzing back on the agenda. Being pressed for time, I’m only aiming to analyze one novel this month. I had planned to commit to a blogging schedule this month, but a lot has changed. So, I’m holding off on that. I’ll try to add a couple of non-Row 80 posts this month instead. Vague, I know.  Of course, I’ll continue with the goal to write every day.

As for current goals, I’ve made my daily writing goal. This is the last day on NaNoWriMo. Though I didn’t get a win, I made a lot of progress. I lasted much longer than I did last year. I got more written on my fanfic project than ever thought I would. I participated in word sprints for the first time and I’ve found them very useful. I’ll be incorporating them into my regular writing schedule. Maybe I’ll get a purple bar next year. Who knows?

Congrats to all NaNo participants. I hope you found it worthwhile. And for all you winners… a big hip hip huzzah to you!

I’m glad to be back to the sanity of Row 80 though. Thanks to all you guys for holding down the fort. Catch you Sunday!



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  1. It is awesome you made so much progress. And since you did better than last year.. maybe next year you’ll do better still. Way to keep going, Yolanda. 🙂

  2. At least you attempted it. Welcome back 😉

  3. Progress is what we’re all after, even if you didn’t win NaNo .. congrats for trying!
    And welcome back 😉

  4. Like you, I didn’t get the win yet I made much more progress on my novel and lasted longer this year than I did last year – so definite congrats to you for your efforts and progress!

    Love your goals. Writing sprints are useful, aren’t they? Wishing you a good rest of the week!

  5. Thanks a lot Melanie! I’m glad that you made progress too. It’s a great feeling to see growth even if a win wasn’t possible this time. Good luck to you as well.

  6. Oh Yolanda, I always think I’m going to have “other” posts. It hasn’t happened, in a long time! I’m late commenting here, but I’ll be back Sunday — and I’ll post some super cool links for plotting.

    For the next round, I am going to add blog posting (other than ROW80 check-ins) as part of my goals. Are you with me?

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