Row NaNo Mania- Check-in

I am kind of at a loss for words right now. This week has been a mixed bag of goodies to say the least. It’s been a lot of writing highs and personal lows. So, I am having a real love/hate struggle about writing this post. Before things went wonky, I was thinking about doing one check-in per week for the month of November. I didn’t think I would have enough to say in a whole post twice a week. Today, I’m ย glad that I didn’t make that decision. It helps me to remain accountable, even when I just want to curl up in a ball and sleep it all off.

This is normally the type of week that would get me off track. Then, I’d spend the next few weeks trying to get myself back on point. I can honestly say that’s not the case right now, which makes me totally grateful for Row 80 and NaNoWriMo. If I didn’t have these challenges to focus on, I’m sure I’d have seen a steep decline in my writing output already.

With NaNo in full swing, I’ve made my writing every day goal with ease. I’ve regularly written more this week than than at any other period. I’ve churned out thousands of words and I’m totally shocked by it. The only day that I didn’t hit the target average, 1,667 words per day, was on Friday. Yet, I was right back at it on Saturday. Today has been kind of slow and I probably won’t make it. I know tomorrow, I’ll get it done.

I am so impressed by my Row/NaNo writing buddies. You guys have been putting up some major numbers which enrages me and inspires me all at once. ๐Ÿ˜› Keep up the good work everyone. Oh, and special shouts out to the cheerleaders. You guys are awesome!


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  1. Well done on reaching your goals. I wish I could say that I wrote with ease but, alas, that is not the case. (I have no idea why I just said alas)

    Moving on, great job on hitting your NaNo goals. Thanks for your mid week message. It really made me focus on my writing better.

    I hope you have a great week!

  2. I’m the same. Without this check in, I wouldn’t have caught up like I have. Also, my friends on National Novel Writing Month are already posting big numbers (someone has reached 90,000,) and nothing acts like a bigger motivator.
    Keep going and well done. ๐Ÿ™‚ xxx

  3. That’s the awesome thing about ROW80. It certainly helps to keep you productive. You’re doing great. I hope the personal lows turn into highs. Good luck!

  4. I hope your personal stuff goes way up this week. Keep up the great word count. Best wishes with NaNoWriMo! Y’all are awesome!

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