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NaNo Jitters–Row 80 Check-in

While the little kiddies dream of All Hallow’s Eve

I’m prepping for NaNo and outlining scenes.

Giddy about candy, they giggle and bounce.

I’m riddled with doubt



About making word counts.

They get to play dress up,

To marvel at costumes.

My stomach whirls

As November 1st looms.


Ha! It’s not all doom and gloom. I’m excited. This is a big stretch goal for me. If I felt totally comfortable about it, then it wouldn’t serve its purpose–growth. Anywho…

I’ve written every day, usually around five hundred words or so. Today, I finally finished analyzing Jim Butcher’s Storm Front. I’d hoped to be done with it by Friday, but I found myself a bit distracted after Wednesday. By the time I reach the halfway point in the novel, I lose steam. Then it takes me longer to finish. It happened with A Kiss of Shadows as well. I’m grateful to have gotten two books checked off the list this month. And I’m glad that I won’t be focusing on that for a little while.

Once November hits, NaNo will be the only writing goal on my mind.I think I’ll be refreshed by the time I get to analyze the next novel. That’ll probably be in December. Right now, I’m just tired of it. I may have to do one a month until I finish the drill. James Scott Bell suggested eight to twelve weeks to do six novels. That pace just feels like too much for me.

I hope that everyone gets a great start this week. Good luck to my fellow NaNoers. Until Wednesday!


Happy Happy Joy Joy–Row 80 check-in

Fresh off my morning walk, I’m feeling really good today. In fact, I’m feeling like this……

Ahh the Zen of Ren & Stimpy. I used to love that show. “You stupid idiot!”

Anyway, here’s my midweek report:

Progress has been made. I’ve written every day. It’s starting to feel as normal to me as brushing my teeth or taking a shower. That excites me because it means the habit is forming. I’m not missing that “I’m not writing” guilt at all.

Happy news on the novel analyzing side as well. I’m half way through the Jim Butcher novel Storm Front. It has been a much better experience than Undead and Unwed. Though I do find myself wondering about the reason for that. Is it that Jim’s writing style is clearer? Did I just hate the writing in Undead and Unwed? Or was it just fatigue from trying analyze three novels in a month? I guess I’ll find out when I go back to it later.

For now, I’m on schedule to finish this novel on Friday. That’ll give me three days to finalize NaNoWriMo prep. Am I the only one who is both anticipating and dreading NaNo? Until Sunday! Hope the rest of your week is filled with happy happy joy joy moments. 🙂

Adjusting–Row 80 check-in

Things haven’t gone as smoothly since Wednesday. The daily writing streak is still intact and I’m totally excited about that. I like the feeling of commitment and accomplishment that I get from it.

Novel analyzing isn’t faring so well. I think there are two reasons for that. The first is that I’ve been totally preoccupied with NaNoWriMo prep. The closer it gets, the more distracting it gets. I had a plan set already, but I’ve been tweaking like crazy. New, and in my mind, better ideas have been popping up all the time. So, I’ve been spending time developing the new twists.

The second reason is the novel that I chose to analyze. I’d completely forgotten how much I hated the beginning of Undead and Unwed. Analyzing it makes me just as crazy. There’s a lot of summary. And this is when the main character is her most annoying to me. I chose the book because it was shorter than most of the others on my list, but it seems to have just as many scenes. They are just condensed. I still have to do a note card for each one which, in this case, makes me feel like I’m wasting time.

It’s highly unlikely that I’ll finish this book and another this month. I’m changing my goal from analyzing three novels this month to two. I’ve put that particular novel to the side for now. This week I’ll work on analyzing a Jim Butcher novel instead. His writing style seems more conducive to productivity for me.

Still moving forward. Hope you guys are too.

Never Thought I’d See the Day–Row 80 check-in

I woke up this morning with soreness in my thighs. I winced, simply because I didn’t know it was there. Then, I smiled. Want to hear a confession? I LOVE the soreness in my thighs. It’s a sweet pain, an earned one. It wouldn’t be there if I hadn’t put in work. It wouldn’t be there if I hadn’t done something good for my body. It wouldn’t be there if I wasn’t exhibiting self-discipline and perseverance. I’m showing myself who I am capable of being. It’s a whole new world and I absolutely love who I’m becoming…who I am.

I can see that same progress with my writing. I’ve kept to my writing every day with no real thought to anything else. It’s just something that has to be done. I didn’t get back to analyzing the second novel until yesterday. I find the scene by scene analysis to be tedious, but well worth the effort. Going from Laurell K. Hamilton to Mary Janice Davidson is quite the dramatic shift. Laurell writes in thick, passionate detail. Mary Janice is thorough, but concise. Barely into the second round, I can see why the plot drill calls for six books. It’s an education that I doubt you could get any other way. Loving the journey.

P.S. Kettle bells rock!

Short and Sweet Row 80 Check-in

I’m tired. I just got  home from Wal-Mart where the aisles are extra crowded, people stare, and the cashier gives you the evil eye because she’s expected to *gasp* work. It’s not my fault the stupid self-checkout machine hates my coupon. I’m soooo sorry for interrupting your flirting time with the cart pusher who should be, I don’t know, pushing carts. Seriously, the highlight of this trip was being felt up by a toddler in a stroller. His mother was so embarrassed that she turned a deep shade of red and practically sprinted down the aisle while uttering her apologies in rapid-fire Spanish. Okay, now I’m laughing–again. Perhaps, the trip was worth it just for that Haha moment. And my new kettle bell. On to the goals.

I have written every day. Some days have been much more productive than others, but it’s getting done. I finished analyzing the first novel on Friday, a full two days later than I expected. I’m taking a break from analyzing that includes yesterday and today. Will start book two on Monday. Still excited to be here. Still chugging along. Spaghetti for dinner and The Walking Dead season premier tonight. Giddy just thinking about it. Hope you guys are having fun!

A Newbie’s First Impressions–Row 80 Check in

What took so long? A week into Row 80 and that’s what I keep asking myself. I’d known about the challenge for quite some time. I just couldn’t bring myself to join. I lurked–checking out people’s blogs and following the hash tag on Twitter. Since this summer, I’ve been really challenging myself to do things I wouldn’t normally do. I’ve gone to a Family Feud taping. I’ve exercised regularly in public. I drank only water for twenty-one days. Then the announcement for the fourth round showed up. This time I jumped on it. I’m so glad I did!

I’ve found the other participants extremely friendly and welcoming. I’ve been encouraged by many kindred spirits which totally alleviates Lonely Writer Syndrome.  Most of all, I’ve been so productive I don’t know what to do with myself. So, thanks Row 80 family. I’m very glad for you all. 🙂

As for my goals:

Writing EVERY day–check

Analyzing novels–check–I didn’t finish the first one today like I hoped, but it’ll definitely be done tomorrow.

Catch ya on Sunday!

Row 80 Check in

I am totally excited to say that things have been rocking and rolling. I’ve kept up with my ” writing EVERY day” goal. I am averaging about five hundred words a day, mostly prompt writing.

As far as the novel analyzing goes, I’ve been getting that done too. I’m currently working on one of my favorite books (A Kiss of Shadows by Laurell K. Hamilton) which is proving a little difficult. I find myself wanting to just curl up and read rather than getting the job done. I am hoping to be done with this book by Wednesday. I’m sure the analyzing will go faster now that I’m getting used to the system. Hmm, if I could just curb that urge to kick back and enjoy…

Also, I would love a Row buddy.  I am a paranormal romance/fantasy writer. I have a Twitter account, but I am more active on Facebook right now. I tend to be more social in the evenings. I will be doing NaNoWriMo next month as well. I am totally open though, just looking for someone motivated.


Catch you guys next check in!

Row 80 Check-in

Well, this is just the second day. I got my words in both days. I need to get crackin’ on analyzing novels though. Stopped by the Twitter party. You guys are fun!

Shaking Off the Dust–Row 80 Goals

Sooooooo…I’ve been away from this blog for a while now. Things haven’t quite gone as I would have liked. But the fourth round of Row 80 starts on October 4th. I’m using this challenge to get myself back on track and end the year on a writing high. I am very excited to get started. Hi fellow Row 80ers! *smiles and waves*

On to the goals:

My overall goal for round four is to write EVERY day. No specific word count, no particular project. I just want to put my butt in the chair.

October– I will analyze the plot of three novels using the method outlined in Plot & Structure by James Scott Bell.

November– NaNoWriMo

December– Revamp this blog. That means choosing a new focus, a new theme , and committing to a regular posting schedule.

I think that’s enough ambition for one round. Let’s get it!