The Courage to Write

“All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.” -Walt Disney

I got this quote in an email this week and it has stuck with me. I’d like to think that I have the courage to pursue writing with everything I have. Though sometimes I wonder.

Last night, I told my best friend that she was a better writer than me. Today, I had to question that. Is that really an honest assessment? Or is that just negative self-talk meant to make me turn from my path? Sure, she has some skills that I have yet to acquire. But I have my own strengths as well. So, I have to go with the latter. It was fear talking. Fear that my writing sucks. Fear that I’m wasting my time. Fear that this is as good as it gets, and I wont’ get any better.

Fear can talk you out of something before you even get started. It happens to me all the time. It takes skill to distinguish your own voice from that of your inner fraidy cat. It’s a good thing that the absence of fear isn’t required for the presence of courage.

I believe that Walt was absolutely right. So, I’m moving forward fear or no fear.

How does fear show up in your  writing life?


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