Two Weeks In

It’s been two weeks since I’ve committed myself to daily writing. And I actually have written every day. Writing time has ranged from five minutes to an hour and a half. I’m not so focused on how much time I’m spending just yet. For now, it’s just important that I get used to committing at least some time to writing on a daily basis. If it really only takes twenty-eight days to create a new habit, then I’m half way there. That’s promising. Once that first twenty-eight days is over, I’ll focus more on the amount of time.

Also, I finished off the Merry Gentry series this week, at least until the next book is released. I believe that’s scheduled some time this year. So, it’s on to Brandon Sanderson’s The Way of Kings. That book is a thousand and one pages. I’ve checked it out twice and the librarian has stared at me uncomprehendingly both times. Yes, yes, it’s a lot of reading. And while I can appreciate the book, I can’t see myself writing something that length. Nevertheless, I read it because it’s good. I read it because Brandon Sanderson is a master world builder and strong in craft. I read it to see how it’s done. I guess I could have told her all that, but I didn’t see the point.


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  1. Congratulations on your continuing success to writing every day. With all the distractions, it can be surprisingly difficult to maintain.

    Have you read Sanderson’s other (non-Wheel of Time) novels? I particularly liked “Warbreaker.” You might also enjoy Brent Weeks, who also writes high fantasy (The Night Angel trilogy and “The Black Prism”).

    • Thanks! And yes, Warbreaker is the book that launched my appreciation for Brandon Sanderson. I love that book. I’ve also read Elantris and I plan to read the Mistborn Trilogy as well. I’ll check out Brent Weeks while I’m at it too.

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