Writing in the New Year

We have reached the resolution season, and while I don’t usually make resolutions per se, I do tend to use this time of year to take stock of where I am in my life. Am I doing the things that make me happy? Am I living in a way that supports my dreams? What can I do differently to make shifts in my life? Then I use the answers to recommit to living my life on purpose.

Last year I made a vision board of what I want to accomplish in my thirties. Looking at it every day keeps me focused. So, writing is always at the forefront of my mind. In the last year, I’ve read a ton of books on craft. I’ve got notebooks full of notes. And I’ve continued to read, read, read all the fiction I could get my hands on. Some of it I loved, and some of it, not so much. Nevertheless, it all came from the commitment to learn what I wasn’t learning in graduate school.

This year’s commitment is to apply what I’ve learned. My new mantra is “Write, write, write.” My New Year’s Eve was exactly what I needed it to be. Instead of going to Peach Drop or to a party, watching tv, or meditating, I sat down and wrote. No countdown. No fireworks. Just the stroke of keys at stroke of midnight. Oh yeah, and a glass of champagne. Happy New Year!

And since the post a week 2011 challenge serves my new commitment so well, I’ll be doing that too.


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