My NaNoWriMo Died

Last Tuesday marked the official end of this year’s National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo). Mine had already died. Well, died is kind of harsh. Or not. I just don’t like it. Dwindled, that’s a better word. My NaNoWriMo had already dwindled. On November 1, I oozed optimism and 50,000 words in a month sounded more than reasonable. At least possible. I’d done a bare character sketch of my protagonist and I was going to wing the rest of it. Cute, huh?

It can be done. Many NaNoWriMo participants do it every year. It’s just… that’s not MY personality. I don’t “wing” it. I’m a calculated risk taker, a planner and more specifically an outliner. Week one flew by, I felt great that I was getting so much writing done. Week two was a little slower, but still moving along. Then week three hit, I had written myself into corner.  And I had no idea how Baby was going to get out.

Before I knew it, November was over. I hadn’t made any more progress, never uploaded a word of what I had done. This was my first attempt at writing a novel. Now I see that the time constraint and the foreign writing process may not have been the best of ideas. No matter, I actually started my novel instead of continuously talking about starting it.  Looking at what I’ve already done, I can’t walk away. My first NaNoWriMo might have been a bust, but that doesn’t mean my first novel has to be one too. That brings me here.

I’ve given myself a year to complete what I started. This blog is a means of record and accountability for that journey.What I’m reading, what I’m writing, what I’m learning and not too much griping. I hope to have lots of fun and perhaps stumble across others in similar pursuits. Wish me luck ! 😉


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  1. Hey there! I also tried NaNoWriMo this year and had a similar experience! Well I did some outlining but I also petered out in the third week for different reasons. I also just started a blog today to track my continued work towards completing my first novel! Seems like we’re much in the same boat!

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